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[2008-07-10] SIP,SIS,Aja Kite Recko Lefkada

[2008-06-28] SIP,SIS Kite nemeckoEuro

[2008-06-21] SIP,SIS Kite nemeckoEuro

[2008-06-01] SIP,SIS Kite nemeckoRujana

[2008-05-28] SIP,SIS Kite nemecko mozna niesky

[2008-05-12] SIP,SIS,PEK,HEGS,AJA,ZIRKON Cambodia, Thailand zde

[2008-03-30] SIP, SIS, HEGESH snowkiting Krkonose Krkonose

[2008-03-28] SIP, SIS snowkiting Fojtovice II Fojtovice II

[2008-03-25] SIP, SIS snowkiting Fojtovice Fojtovice

[2008-03-22] SIP, SIS , HEGESH snowkiting Prkeny Dul Zacler

[2008-02-03] SIP, SIS, PEKK HEGESH snowkiting BIG day

[2008-01-25] SIP SNB Livigno

[2008-01-20] SIP, SIS HEGESH, PEKK, AJA, Drunke’n sista freeride trip ST ANTON

[2008-01-14] SIP, SIS ranni pojezd v Pacericich

[2008-01-13] SIP, SIS vecerni pojezd Pacericich a pekne to skakalo

[2008-01-12] SIP, SIS, PEKK pojezd na Husky Hillu

[2008-01-11] Luxus pojezd na swordshillu, 15minut od prahy luxus

[2008-01-09] Hledání místa na kite blízko praze, ale nefoukalo

[2008-01-05] Víkend, kiting poblíž klínovce a v praze docela dobrý

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